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Last updated December 2018, this site map is intended to help visitors navigate this website and investigate content posted to it. (Banner image: John Anthony West and me [Robert Schoch] in 2010, headed to Göbekli Tepe in Turkey for the first time. Katie took the photo, with a smile on her face at the two of us befuddled. She's much better with directions.)


Important and timely announcements, plus a few "notes to visitors" that I wish to impart.


A brief biography, plus a few photos – to offer a little information about my education, publications, interests, awards, etc. (What is posted on Wikipedia, for instance, seems biased, unfair, and contains factual errors -- including a completely incorrect birth date for me.)


For those who perhaps are unfamiliar with my work, posted here are some highlights. My books, of course, contain more detailed discussions, and I do recommend them.

Rising from the Ashes of SIDA [Solar-Induced Dark Age]. This article brings together many aspects of my work over the last quarter century – into an unintended summary of sorts.

The Great Sphinx of Egypt

The Great Sphinx: She was the Lioness Mehit who Guarded an Ancient Archive

Göbekli Tepe, Turkey

Plasma, Solar Outbursts, and the End of The Last Ice Age

Yonaguni, Japan

The So-called "Bosnian Pyramids"

The So-called "Giant's Footprint" of South Africa

Gunung Padang, Indonesia (brief description only on the Research Highlights page)

Markawasi, Peru

Easter Island, Chile



A listing of some of my books are posted here. Over the years I have also written countless articles for various magazines, journals, websites, etc. Katie is working on a listing of some of the highlights.


Upcoming speaking engagements (plus a sampling of past events). Also some DVDs and videos in which I appear, etc.


Some tours I'll be leading in the near future. Also a sampling of past trips. On occasion I do private tours. Please see the page for more on this.


Controversies Regarding the End of the Last Ice Age: Comet/Impactor or Solar Activity?

John Anthony West (1932 – 2018): A Tribute to My Friend

Boston University's Institute for the Study of the Origins of Civilization, of which I am the director. There is an external link on this page to the ISOC.

A New Discovery! The Great Sphinx was Originally a Lioness Named Mehit who Guarded an Ancient Archive.

An ancient plasma strike near the Great Sphinx and Giza Pyramids.

I was awarded an Honorary Professorship.

A video trailer for a master class I conducted at Boston University in 2015. It puts my research into the tiniest of visual nutshells.


Information about the non-profit I co-founded with a few close colleagues and friends. The acronym stands for Organization for the Research of Ancient Cultures.


A little bit about my wife, Catherine Ulissey, and how we met.


See here for various ways I can be contacted, if necessary. For professional correspondence only please! I state clearly on this page that I regrettably have no time for casual correspondence. I mean no offense; there are just simply not enough minutes in a day. So if you do write and I do not respond, please do not take it personally. This was a tough decision that had to be made. I appreciate your understanding.

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