Robert M. Schoch: Contact

Image of Robert Schoch facing moutains of emails

Robert (in 2008) facing his Inbox

Correspondence and Mailing List

Dear Friends:

While I appreciate most of the comments I receive from the general public (the majority are thoughtful and polite), I must tell you that the amount of email I receive now dramatically outweighs the amount of time I have in a day to answer such correspondence. In other words, and put simply: I regrettably cannot answer most of the mail that comes in. Please understand that if I did I would get no other work done. My duties to Boston University, its students, my family, close friends, publishers, conference organizers, tour leaders, etc., must be attended to. This leaves me little time for my own reading, writing, and ongoing research.

With that said, I do welcome professional correspondence.

You can reach me at info at robertschoch dot com (my apologies for laying the address out in this manner; it cuts down on spam).

If you would like to be added to my mailing list, please send a quick note to the address above. Katie and I don't send much out in the way of mailings – no monthly newsletters for example – only important information as/when needed.

My Boston University email is available through the University's directory.

For those who prefer regular postal mail, my office address is as follows:

Robert M. Schoch
Boston University
College of General Studies
871 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02215