Robert M. Schoch: Miscellaneous News and Events

Boston University's New Institute for the Study of the Origins of Civilization (ISOC)!

I'm so pleased to announce that the College of General Studies at Boston University, where I have been a full-time faculty member for over thirty years, has established the Institute for the Study of the Origins of Civilization (ISOC) - in part inspired by my research into the antiquity of civilization (now supported by sites around the world, most notably at the breathtaking Göbekli Tepe in Turkey dated to the end of the last Ice Age). I am pleased to add that I have been appointed the institute's first director.

A New Discovery! The Great Sphinx was Originally a Lioness Named Mehit who Guarded an Ancient Archive

A new discovery has been made, by Dr. Manu Seyfzadeh, which supports my contention that the Great Sphinx (in its earliest form, prior to the dynastic re-carving of the head) existed on the Giza Plateau before the reign of Khafre and that it guarded a chamber beneath it. We now have evidence that it was referred to in writing by the earliest Egyptians. Furthermore, the original form of the Sphinx was that of the lioness Mehit. This discovery was first published in the peer reviewed journal Archaeological Discovery. However, I've also written about it here on my website. Click here (or on the accompanying photo) to stay on this site and read more...

Click the following if you would like to go directly to Archaeological Discovery where you can read online or download as a pdf the original publication (authored by Manu Seyfzadeh, Robert Bauval, and myself). Note: Lovely photos and illustrations accompany both postings; however, the journal article includes a few rare photos for which I could not obtain copyright for posting here. On the other hand, you may find the article posted here on this website a little easier to read (a little less "academeeze").

An ancient plasma strike right near the Great Sphinx and Giza Pyramids.

Ancient Plasma Strike on the Giza Plateau

During the summer of 2016, while leading a tour of Egypt, two friends and colleagues, Yousef Awyan and Mohamed Ibraham, showed me a feature on the Giza Plateau that they suspected would catch my attention. Indeed, it did: a potential ancient lightning strike right in front of the immense Second Pyramid. Here is a video (initially posted to YouTube) of a few of us examining the site. I wrote an article about this important discovery for the November-December issue of Atlantis Rising, and I plan to discuss it further in forthcoming publications. Additionally, the banner image at the top of this page shows this plasma strike in greater detail.

Robert Schoch being awarded honorary professorship at the Bulgarian Naval Academy

Awarded an Honorary Professorship

On 28 November 2014 I was awarded, in recognition of my ongoing research into ancient civilizations, the title of Honorary Professor at the Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy in Varna, Bulgaria.

Video trailer for a master class Robert Schoch conducted at Boston University in 2015

My Research in a Nutshell

Not long ago I was asked by Boston University to give a master class of my research to a select group of its alumni. This video trailer was made by the University for the event. Compressed down to less than two minutes, it encompasses highlights of my research over a quarter century, from my initial work re-dating the Great Sphinx (based on the geological evidence of water erosion on the monument and on the walls of its enclosure, seismic analyses, and much more) to my findings regarding a major solar outburst as a cause of the end of our last ice age and the decimation of the high civilizations of the time. More detail regarding this research can be found in my book, Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future.

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