Robert M. Schoch: ORACUL

The Organization for the Research of Ancient Cultures, which I co-founded with a few close colleagues and friends, is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to the scientific study of civilization's origins. It is our hope that through research advocacy, publishing, and educational outreach, further evidence for mankind's remote and forgotten past will be uncovered.

Image of branches of the tree atop the archaeological site of Göbekli Tepe

Branches of the tree atop the 12,000-year-old archaeological site of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, where visitors tie ribbons with their wishes attached.

ORACUL's Mission:

The scientific debate surrounding the origins of human civilization is far from settled. Independent research by scholars and professionals in the hard sciences has begun to challenge the accepted narrative of civilization’s beginnings. Today, there is a large body of evidence from a myriad of fields which argues convincingly for a revision of that narrative – pushing back the timeline for advanced culture by thousands of years.

Opposed by many orthodox scholars (whose interests are served by maintaining the status quo), serious scientists and professionals who attempt to bring attention to this contrary evidence are often ignored and ridiculed. Handicapped by a lack of funding, publicity, and professional networking, breakthrough research related to ancient cultures continues to languish in relative obscurity.

ORACUL works to bring this existing research to the attention of both the academic community and the public, as well as conducting new investigations into ancient cultures. This pioneering research involves not only professionals in the hard sciences, but also serious, out-of-the-box thinking in other disciplines. ORACUL will accomplish this goal by focusing on three primary areas of activity: Research Advocacy, Publishing, and Educational Outreach.

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It is our goal to see this endeavor one day blossom into something mighty. Without question, your support is greatly appreciated. Please visit ORACUL's website at for more information.

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Documentary with ORACUL: Civilization Before Civilization

For those wishing to support this documentary (which will feature some of my research, as well as cutting edge research from others), first and foremost, thank you. Here is a link to the Projects page of ORACUL's website where you will find information about this endeavor as well as an easy Donate button at the bottom of all the pages. We thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

And for those who would like to contribute larger amounts, an opportunity to travel with the film crew is possible. Again, please contact the ORACUL team via its website, and/or please contact Katie and me via our email address listed on the Contact page of this website. Our sincerest thanks. We are a tiny team, working on a shoestring budget, endeavoring to move mountains, in and with very little free time (we all work full-time day jobs).

Here is a link to a trailer for the documentary (plus some other information and related photos), made shortly after our return from filming in Turkey (in January of 2020).

Image of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey

The 12,000-year-old archaeological site of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, looking from the southwest to the northeast. Photo taken in 2010.