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Welcome. Below are some important and timely announcements. A great deal of additional information – such as regarding my publications, research highlights, education, and so forth – can be found via the navigation links. Thank you for your interest in my work.

Promo for new documentary that is in the works

Documentary in the Works

Katie and I, with the not-for-profit ORACUL, are working on a new documentary regarding the antiquity of civilization. This trailer incorporates shots from our recent trip to Turkey.

Small banner of Joe Rogan interviewing Robert Schoch

Rogan and Schoch

We thank Joe Rogan for the wonderful interview! It was great fun visiting with him in his studio, and he has helped us reach a whole new audience.

Promo for Robert Schoch's article on SIDA, a Solar-Induced Dark Age

Rising from the Ashes of SIDA [Solar-Induced Dark Age]

This short article summarizes some of my recent research. I hope you enjoy it.

Small banner for Robert Schoch's new article regarding the writing at Göbekli Tepe

The Writing at Göbekli Tepe...

...brings together an ancient Anatolian script and cutting-edge plasma physics. (We follow the evidence where it leads.)

Promo for two important books by Robert Schoch

Two Important Books

Origins of the Sphinx is available for purchase. I hope you have also had the opportunity to read Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future.

Promo for tours with Robert Schoch in 2020 - 2022

Upcoming Tours

Working with my friend, colleague, and professional tour organizer, Grzegorz Poplawski, we are planning some wonderful tours for the coming years. Please click here for more information.

Small banner for Robert Schoch's new Mehit article

She was a Lioness named Mehit –

...who guards an ancient archive! An article that supports my research of decades ago regarding a chamber beneath the Sphinx.

Promo for Schoch comments regarding comet versus Sun

Comet versus the Sun?

What really happened at the end of the last ice age? Accumulating evidence points to a major role for the Sun.

Promo for Catherine Ulissey's article regarding Earth entering the 
					Age of Aquarius

Aquarius & Plasma

Katie's first published article! In it she questions why Aquarius, an astrological Air sign, is labeled (and depicted as) the Water Bearer. In entering the new Age, will our Sun traverse a fiery stream?


1) Although I have appeared on television programs and at conferences where the topic of "ancient aliens" has been a focus, I am personally not an advocate of this hypothesis. In my opinion, the known evidence points in other directions.

2) I have no connection to or association with the Robert Schoch Foundation.

3) Please note that a fair amount of "information" regarding me found on the Internet is simply incorrect. And please remember, Wikipedia in particular admittedly upholds the status quo. My research has been challenging the status quo for decades, which doesn't make me their favorite person.

4) I own two domains on the World Wide Web, and Others have purchased my name as a domain. I have no control over this, or what is posted on those sites. The Web is the ultimate experiment in free expression, and I understand this.

Again, thank you for your interest in my work.